IchHi there! I’m J.M. Zickgraf (tamati). Living in Munich, Germany, Europe, I belong to the DM-phratrie of the €-community.

I’m an anthropologist by training and profession while I have at least a rudimentary base in economics and law as well.

What I like about anthropology is its inductive method and the idea that any dense observation of human live must go hand in hand with the observer’s own participation. However, it is challenging to look into the mirror of the cultural or human other precicely because what you’ll get is ultimately just another utopia of yourself.

Money is my prime area of research. What motivates me in this task is the belief that money may indeed be a key to human integration, development and perhaps even freedom. Yet, as monies appear today multiple and diverse, it seems crucial to restore a sense of personal ownership and responsibility for the kind of monies which we create and use both individually and collectively.

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